“Sugar and Spice”

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“Women belong in the kitchen” that is stereotype that a women’s role is to feed her family and take care of the home. During the 1950s the idea that a woman should live for her husband and family became a dominant image. Television, radio, and magazines bombarded them with the assurance that the kitchen was their way to fulfill their role as a mother. Advertisements often targeted women, depicting them in the kitchen, serving dinner, cleaning or rather enjoying cleaning the home.
          As time past, more women would steer away from the stepford wife role. Women left their role in the kitchen to go to college and pursue a career outside the home. Women are making up almost 47 % of the workforce in the United States up from 30 percent in 1950s. Due to the economy many jobs have disappeared from industries dominated by male workers such as, manufacturing and jobs that are majority ran by females like healthcare are flourishing. Employers started giving opportunities to women employees making them financially stable. However, gender discrimination is still a very real issue, it is now being recognized as a problem. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites women working 41 to 44 hours per week earn 84.6% of what men working similar hours earn. It gets worse as women work longer hours — women working more than 60 hours per week earn only 78.3% of what men in the same time category earn. Federal law protects women and other minorities from discrimination in the work place. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 ended the practice of paying men more than women when performing the same jobs and duties. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act extended this protection to other minorities. Despite these protections, many women still feel gender-based discrimination is a problem in some businesses
Even though, more women are joining the workforce the stereotype still exists that their role is still to cook, take care of the children and keep the house clean.
           I have a few friends that are stay at home mothers and enjoy taking care of the children and the housework. If possible, I would love to be a stay at home mom. Yet, with the economy today its almost next to impossible.


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